Sunday, March 23, 2014

Busy Week

Hi!  This has been a busy week.

I drove to Long Island on Tuesday, then got my hair done and took Mom shopping on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I dropped off my quilt for the Long Island Quilters Guild show (my FIRST time entering any judged quilting show), took my parents to see Dad's sister, Aunt Eileen, and meet my cousin Liz, who's mother-in-law, was a quilter.  Liz had a number of items to give to me.  A vintage Singer and some fabrics were gifts from Leona's estate, and there are a few quilts Liz wanted finished for her family.  More on that after I unpack all of the stuff.  Then I took Mom shopping again, and got to meet my new Great Nephew, Brayden.  Brayden's puppy is Howard.

Friday was a more relaxing day, and I got my nails done and satisfied a craving for New York style pizza.  SOOOO good!

Saturday, Christine and I went to the quilt show.  Although I didn't get a ribbon, I was pleased with the judge's evaluation.  My goal for this year was to improve my piecing, and she said this quilt was good.  I know I've improved since I pieced this top.  She did say the quilting design was excellent, and loved the metallic thread.  I knew I had some issues with the tension, but that's typical for metallics.  Most of the issues were before I switched to Superior thread.  I'm MOST excited about another friend's daughter picking my quilt and the silver thread as her favorite at the show.  Thanks, Ryan!!  I'm so glad you loved it.  Christine and I also celebrated our upcoming birthdays at Cheesecake Factory!  Yum!

Of all the photos I took at the show, the one of my quilt was not that good.  Shaking my head.  

Today I took Mom shopping again.  I really needed something from JoAnn's, but they just redid the store here, and I couldn't find what I needed.  It was a mess, and lots of fabrics were not where they belonged, and lots of other things were not stocked.  I hope they get it back to being a good store.  When the renovate stores, it's not always an improvement.  I'll have to look again in Scranton this week.  Then I went to go pick up my quilt.

I've been working on this Zig A Zag featuring Mango Salsa strip pack from Island Batiks.  I'm almost 1/2 done assembling the top.

I did quite a bit more after this photo was taken.  I was hoping to have the top done and pinned before I return home.

I'll be sharing the quilt show quilts and more about the machine and Leona's quilts soon.
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