Friday, April 4, 2014

The Latest!

First, this came in the mail on Tuesday, which happened to be my birthday.  I won it in a Facebook post on World Wide Quilt Day in March, from I Don't Do Dishes.  Since I LOVE Aurifil, this was the perfect birthday surprise.

Then, I finished the top (also known as a flimsy) for my next Zig A Zag quilt featuring Island Batik's Mango Salsa Strip Pack.  Pattern by Quilt In A Day.  I've made 3 of these designs in different colors.  

Here's a close up of the colors.  

I need to pick a backing, and will get this layered and pin basted soon.  Since my friends closed their store, I needed to find a place with a large table that I could tape the backing to, and then have time to baste it.  I noticed the American Ribbon Factory had built such a table, and asked them if it was available.  They said they would rent time on it, so I plan to have 2 or more tops to do, so I can get the best use of my time there.  So, I picked out the next 2 projects.  I'm still working on the blocks for the Hunter's Star in purple Island Batiks (up to 18 stars done) and I plan to make these two tops, as well.  I'm not sure of the sizes yet.  I think both will be lap sizes.  I know, I still have others to finish quilting, but I need to get some of the others started.  It fits my plan to pin a few at a time.  Then, I can quilt a few in a row.  A long arm machine would make this so much easier, but in the meantime, this is how I'll do it.  

Here are the upcoming ones. 

This is a Quilt In A Day Braid In A Day featuring Island Batiks in purples.  I sold the last purple braid quilt, so I think this is a good choice.  I enjoy making them, and needed a change from Zig A Zag.  Both use
2 1/2" precut strips.  I love the Island Batiks sets for these patterns.  I've made 2 braid quilt tops.  

This next is also a Quilt In A Day pattern, called Tossed 9 Patch. It's also one of  my favorites, and used 5" charm squares.  I had this set from Moda, called Spa.  I need to get this done, too.  All blues and white.  This is ready to sew.  The braid needs some cutting.  So, when I'm in the mood to sew, I can easily piece.  When I want to quilt, I'll have projects ready.  I've used this pattern quite a few times.  

Thanks for visiting!  Come back to see the new tops.  I hope to have them done soon.  Then I need to get the costumes done.  Always something fun!  

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Char said...

ME the zig zags are beautiful. Lots of luscious color!