Friday, May 30, 2014

A Rescue!

I've become a member of the Facebook Vintage Sewing Machine page.  There's information and instructions to care for, clean, and use vintage machines.  Since I now have 5  , um 6 machines, I need this information.  The other source I use often is the Ismacs site.  This one has tons of info on machines, including a page to date your Singer by serial number, and another that details all the beautiful decals.  Now that I have more info, I know I can get these machines working.  I've do another post about all my machines, but this one is about the rescue.

Last week someone posted an Ebay link for a "pick up only" vintage Singer 66 Redeye in a cabinet.  When I checked, the machine was listed for $15, and was about 30 minutes from here.  I contacted the seller to get the serial number, and said if no one else rescued adopted it, I would take it.  When it came down to the last 30 seconds of the auction time, I bid on it, and won the machine.  I went up to Mount Cobb yesterday to pick it up.  I brought a new belt (as the one for the machine was broken) and grabbed a few screwdrivers.  I intended to remove the head from the cabinet, because I knew I would not be able to get it in or out of my car if it was together.  Too heavy.

So, here she is.  Before any repairs or cleaning.

The machine is from 1922,  Her number is G-9259927, and her model number is 66.  The decals are called "Redeye" because of the red ovals.  
Obviously, this cabinet is not original.  I have to see if I can find more info on this.  I do like the drawers, but the finish is flaking.  I may end up refinishing it, or maybe I'll find a treadle cabinet and make this machine a treadle.  
Some detail photos:

 I need to get the belt properly adjusted.  I also need to get more bobbins.  I was told "bobbins included" but the extra ones don't fit this machine.  The seller also said she used 3 In One oil, so I need to get that off, and use regular sewing machine oil.  For the most part, the decals are in great shape.  That's a plus.  I'll clean her up, check the wiring, and decide what I want to do with the cabinet.  I already have another to refinish.  I really didn't plan to get any more machines, but the person who sold it said it would be going to the dump.  I can't stand to see machines that could be used, just rotting away.  This one is too pretty for that fate.  

On the funny side, I looked in the drawers.  Most had a number of loose pins inside.  I asked if I could dump them, because I didn't want the drawers to open and dump in my car.  I don't need Hazel finding pins.  I saved the bobbins and a small crochet hook, and tossed the old tailor's chalks.  I discovered 2 plastic thimbles.  One says "Tastycake" and the other says, "Re-elect Mayor Titus to keep good government at your fingertips".  I thought these were fun!  I guess I need to get a small novelty display case.  Who knew that Tastycake made thimbles??  Fun!  


thebutterflyquilter said...

I think she is real pretty!

Jersey Girl said...

I know where you can find the treadle cabinet for $24!

Gail S. said...

She is beautiful!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I hope you enjoy this machine. If you need to replace the wiring, be aware that they are wonderful to treadle.

Tasty Cakes probably did not make thimbles. Until the 1960's many, many businesses handed those out as freebies to ladies who came into their businesses. Those look like the promotional thimbles businesses handed out.

Joey said...

Thats awesome ME! I'm needing to find a treadle belt for my White machine!

Sues said...

She's lovely!!!