Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday Sewing

Hi!  I'm working on  a UFO!  It's been finished as a top, and pinned as a sandwich for months!  I started quilting it earlier this week, and I'm working on borders.  I hope to get this bound for photos on Sunday.

This is part of the top, before it was finished.  The fabric is A Breath of Avignon by Moda.  I ended up getting a great red batik for the 2nd border, and made flying geese blocks for the side, to add a little width.  The pattern is Tossed 9 Patch by Quilt In A Day, but I changed the borders.

I'm having fun making feathers.  Here are some photos of the borders.  My feathers are evolving and improving all the time.  I did a loop/curl type in the first blue border, and more traditional in the red and outer blue.  I have binding to match the outer border, it just needs to be added.  The back is a pretty sage-y green, and silky smooth.  The feathers add so much to the texture of the quilt!  The back is really much prettier in person.  I'm having a very weird and frustrating phone day.  I woke up to my phone saying "We need to do this update.  It will take 20 minutes" and everything was changed, contacts deleted, photos not uploading, etc.  I'm not happy.  I even had to find a new ring tone and signal for incoming messages.  I'm hoping my more tech savvy son will help me get it right!

That very bottom section shown here is the first blue border on the front.  Then the red border (thinner feathery section) and the outer border on the top.  And yes, this is actually green fabric.  I used Aurifil Mako 50 wt 2887, which is just a shade darker than the fabric.  So far, 7 bobbins were used.  For the blue I used Aurifil 50 wt. 2776, 2250 for the red, and 2026 cream for the main part of the quilt.  The quilt measures about 70 by 90" if I remember.  More details when it's done and ready for its closeups!  With my Sony camera, not my phone!

Bound to be bound by Sunday!  It's really pretty!  Can't wait to share it as DONE!!

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Go-Go Kim said...

Beautiful! I have some charm packs of that collection, I fell in love with all the beautiful colors! Thnak you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!

Busy Little Quilter said...

I love the tossed 9-patch from Quilt in a Day. It's such an easy quilt to make, but it looks like it would be difficult to make. You're doing a great job on the quilting. I haven't accomplished feathers, yet. Fortunately, my best friend does beautiful work on her long arm quilting machine. I leave those to her! Lol.