Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I adore twins and multiples!  My Sister-in-law is one of identical twins (and unless you know both, you can't tell them apart, even now).  My nieces are twins, too.  It's so much fun to see twins, and learn about how they grow, and communicate, and are different, but the same.  It's fascinating.  

When a friend contacted me to make 2 baby quilts for her, I was thrilled.  These are fraternal, not identical, and that's just as much fun, especially when one is a boy and the other is a girl.  She sent me the fabric, and we discussed possible designs.  I decided to use the Quilt In A Day Piece of Cake pattern.  It's made with 10" squares, and since the fabrics had larger prints, it was a great way to feature all the fun colors and designs.  

The girl's quilt is made with florals, butterflies, and ducks, in bright pink, yellow, aqua, spring green, and orchid.  I used a solid white sashing to break up the colors, and quilted it with Aurifil 50wt in 2588, a deep magenta pink.  It's the perfect thread!  It added dimension and a spark of color, but didn't make the quilt busier.  I quilted flowers, swirls, and butterflies over the top.  The backing fabric was pieced from leftovers of the top.  I normally don't do this, but it was fun to come up with a way to use as much fabric as Suzanne had sent.  This quilt has Warm & White cotton batting, and measures about 52 by 68", which is a very generous size for a baby.  These would be perfect for tummy time, and toddler beds, and then throws when they get older.  

 For the boy, Suzanne sent a variety of fabrics from the Disney Cars movie.  I added some that I had, mostly the red with the closeup of Lightening McQueen, and the lighter blue.  I had made a Cars quilt for my great nephew a few years ago, so I had some left.  I think the quilt needed red!  The sashing is a blue tonal fabric.  I used the Checkered Flag print for the center blocks, and binding, and the backing was pieced from the checkered flag fabric and the tan background that's in the squares and border.  I think this is a fun quilt.  It was quilted with swirls and loops, and the words ZOOM, VROOM, and CARS, using Superior King Tut thread in a variegated red.  It's a heavier thread than I used on the ducky quilt, but I felt it was the best color for this quilt, and I didn't have something similar (yet) in Aurifil.    I'm hoping the boy has fun tracing the words and loops when he gets older.  

Since they were made for twins, I wanted to keep the designs the same, but show the fabrics well.  I'm thrilled with how they came out!  

I love the challenge of a custom design.  This was different because Suzanne had picked the fabrics.  Lots of fun!  Both are on their way to Suzanne to give to the sweet little twins.  I hope they enjoy them for years to come!

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Pamela said...

I love how different they look! Cute quilts!

Christine said...

The same but different. Very nice.

Sallymanke said...

So cleaver!!! Love this blog post!