Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy! Busy! Lots to do!

This post is a 3 for the price of one!

First, my progress on the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter

Grand Illusion

Clue 3 was released on Friday, and I took a little while to begin working on it.  First, I pulled more green fabrics.  I had only 3 colors, and since this block used 4, I decided to grab another.  My blocks may end up all the same, or I may have to add more greens later, as well as another black and white.  I'm pulling from my stash, though, and using some scraps.  My goal for next year, besides improving my piecing skills and free motion quilting, will be to get more organized with scraps.  Some of what I'm using in this quilt are left-overs from previous quilts.  I need to develop Bonnie's system, though. I'm finishing more quilts, and using some of my stash, but need to use the scraps and bits left over from the yardage.  Anyway, here are the photos of my machine today, and the results of the test blocks from clue 3.  I'm still working on 2 and the extra half square triangles (HST) units from clue 1, 1.  All 100 blocks of 1 are done, and I think 50 of  Step 2.  I must mention that I didn't do the 2 x 4 green, white and black units on my vintage machine.  They require pressing the strip sets before the next step, and my iron is in the basement sewing area.  I can finger-press the triangle units from Step 1 and 2 to keep assembling them on the vintage machine.   It was faster to do Unit 3 down there.  I have 110 more to go.  I need to press all the other finished units, though.

That little pile on the right are the dog ears, those little bits of triangles that need to be trimmed before a block can be assembled.  I have a thread and scrap catcher (under the pincusion) and these will go in there.  I snip into a pile and then gather them and put them in the catcher.  Although I'm sure some have slid through the seam in the cabinet.  I'll have to check under there later.  

BUT!!All this needs to be set aside for a few days, while I make a Pirate shirt for a special order, and also a cowboy shirt.  I was able to get the fabric yesterday.  
Pirate shirt is unbleached muslin.   It will have brown lacing at the neck.  This is an item I list in my Etsy store. 

The cowboy shirt will be all black, with black pearl snaps instead of buttons.  This is another special order, for a friend.  I may consider doing these for others.  I have to see, after it's done.  

AND!!! Part 3 is that I'm going to be participating in the Sock Hop blog hop in January, with Island Batiks. 

As an Island Batiks ambassador, I am so excited to participate.  I chose the collection called Down In the Boondocks.  It's a gorgeous collection of teals and browns and creams.  2 prints have sweet turtles and coral reefs, and 2 have pineapple prints.  The light teal is floral, and one cream has fronds or sea grass designs.  Here's a peak at the fabrics I'll be using.  You'll have to come back to see what I've designed, and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a give-away.  

But, since it's almost Christmas (and Happy Hanukkah tonight) I have to finish the shirts first, then some gifts, then some baking, and some cleaning, and another clue comes out on Friday, and some more baking, some decorating, some cleaning, and then some driving.  Amid all of that will be some carol singing and sewing and quilting and packing and more carols.  

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Christine said...

I can't wait to see the block you designed for the hop!

TLC said...

The batiks are gorgeous! We all seem to be up to our eyeballs in projects!

Vireya said...

The mystery blocks are looking good!

Andee said...

Your mystery looks great!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Love the fabrics you will be using in the Island Batik blog hop, I can't wait to see what you create! I always enjoy seeing a picture of your sewing machine and the neat cabinet. The log cabin quilt looks wonderful, how precious!