Friday, December 12, 2014

Sew Cal Gal's Glitter Goodness Linky

SewCal Gal's Glitter Goodness

'Tis the Season for Bling!  I love the sparkles of new fallen snow in the moonlight, and silvery and gold painted fabrics and Christmas decor.  It just makes me smile when I see something sparkle.  I'm sure you can think of things that sparkle, too.  Maybe it's the eyes of a child looking at a pile of gifts under a pretty Christmas tree, or the smile in his or her eyes when they go zooming down a snow covered hill on a sled.  One of my favorites is seeing my dog, Hazel, run and jump and play in the snow.  She will try to catch snowballs, and just gets so excited when someone plays with her.

It just may be the sparkle of lights or the moon through the icicles.  This was from my door last winter.

Want to see some quilts I've made that have glittery accents?  This first one is a design I saw online many years ago, and I collected a variety of blue fabrics with silver accents to make this quilt.

I used Superior Silver metallic thread for the quilting.   This is a quilt that I love using all winter long.  It's currently on my lap, as I type this blog post.  The sparkles certainly lighten my day.

Another quilt I recently completed is this one.  The fabrics are from Island Batiks, and the gold metallic accents are really stunning.  The pattern is Sew Radiance from Quilt In A Day, and quilting thread, again, is Superior Light Gold metallic.

This one can be found in my Etsy store.  
Hints about metallic thread!  First, use Superior.  It's really the best.  Second, use a good needle for topstitching, and go slower than usual.  Make sure you use a cone holder, if needed, and adjust your tension, and use a thread net.  More info can be found on Superior's website.  Just note that all metallic threads are a challenge, but Superior really does work the best.  It will be less of a challenge than other brands, and your quilting or embroidery will be outstanding.  

Glitter certainly adds some warmth to your home, and sparkle to your fun.  

So, if you are not a quilter, remember to add some colored sugar to your cookies, or glitter paints on glass for candle holders, or candles in your sconces.  Enjoy your sparkles!  
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Pamela said...

I love sparkles, too! And your blue and white quilt is gorgeous - well done!

SewCalGal said...

What fun inspiration. I haven't seen icicles in ages and certainly enjoyed seeing the photo of such at your home. Beautiful #GlitterGoodness that I had totally forgotten about. Love it.

FYI - A few years back, the Road to California Quilt show lobby was decorated with quilted icicles that were beautiful.

Love your quilts. They work well with the #glitterGoodness theme too!

Thanks for sharing and inspiring #CreativeGoodness.