Friday, December 19, 2014

Leona's Log Cabin

Another finished quilt.  This and 2 others (see THIS POST.) are finally on their way to Massachusetts, for Liz to deliver to the recipients.  

Leona, Liz's Mother-in-law, was a quilter and teacher and owned a fabric store on Long Island.  As far as Liz could remember, Leona started this top around 1985 for Liz's son, Josh.  He was Leona's first grandchild, and Liz's first son.  Leona did this all by hand, using a variety of solids for the center blocks, and then adding prints in similar colors as it, and Josh, grew.  This was a "quilt as you go" style, all hand stitched.  Basically, you sew the layers together right through the batting and backing.  The batting in this one is polyester.  I'm sure many of the fabrics are also poly blends.  

I'm also guessing as Josh grew, Leona set this aside.  Leona passed away in 2013, right before Josh's daughter, Tillie, was born.  Tillie would have been Leona's first great-granddaughter.  Back in March, Liz asked me to finish this for Tillie.  Hand sewing is not something I usually enjoy doing.  This was in 3 pieces, still, and there are still 2 more blocks.  I had to sew the one row together, while discovering tons of old pins, and then add that row to the rest of the top, by hand stitching the backing, and then the front.  Luckily, all of the quilting was already done.  It's always so difficult to match someone's stitching, and I was worried that my work would not look like Leona's, but I don't think you could tell where I added the row.  It's so different from how I work, and the fabrics I prefer, so it was interesting and a great challenge.  

This is a view of the backing.  It's been pieced, too, as Leona added rows.  I love the crayon print, and the yellow calico.   

This is the front.  The center blocks are all solids, and the outer rows have calico prints.  

After I got the last row added, I searched for a good fabric to bind the quilt.  None of my calicos worked, so I chose a red solid, to pull out the red centers of the blocks.  I added this label to the back.  

This is my first computer printed label.  I used freezer paper ironed to fabric, so I could print it.  I'm hoping the inks don't wash out.  I do plan to finish the last 2 blocks into pillow covers.  At first Liz had thought they could be added to the quilt, but I would have needed 4 blocks, or more fabrics like the ones used., but that's very difficult.  These colors are difficult to match, and calicos are not easy to find.  The few I have from the 1980s are not the same colors.  Yes, I do have fabrics that are that old.  I've been sewing much longer than that. 

I'm honored to be able to finish Leona's quilts.  I'm especially happy to finish this for Tillie, who never got to meet her great-grandmother, and will now have a gift from her.  Tillie's other great-grandmother is my Aunt Eileen, my father's sister.  

I do have one more quilt to finish for Liz, and I'm working on restoring the machine and cabinet Liz gave me.  I'm honored to know I have a part in Leona's legacy.  

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