Monday, December 8, 2014

Grand Illusion Link Up

Grand Illusion

Grand Illusion Mystery by Bonnie Hunter Part 2

This is so much fun, knowing that thousands of people are creating the same quilt, but with different fabrics, all because of Bonnie Hunter and her outstanding designs, teaching, and knowledge.

I've gathered my fabrics, although I may need more pink, and have all of Step 1 and Step 2 cut out.  I have 60+ (of 100) blocks of step 1 done, and 6 of step 2 (also need 100).

Here's a few photos.  I'm doing this on my restored Singer 1954 15-91, which sits next to the window in my dining room.  I can do a few pieces in between cooking and baking, before bed, and when I have time.  I'm not in a rush.  I'll get it done, because I love these colors.
Should I blame Bonnie because I burned my hamburger bun in the toaster oven the other night?  I got so involved in piecing, I forgot until the smell of burnt bread wafted over to me.  

I'm using the directions #2 for Part 2.  The triangles are so easy to stack and cut with the EZ ruler.
My template printed well, but with my vision, I need to see where the fabric is underneath, and white tone on tone is difficult to see under white paper.  I used Glowline tape to mark where the template ended, and can see where my fabric needs to be, against that line.  

I hope everyone else is having fun with this!  However Bonnie had put these pieces together, it's guaranteed to be awesome!  And, I'm using some scraps, in addition to the yardage and FQs I pulled for this.  Some of these fabrics have been in previous quilts.  That's fun, too.  I need to do that more often.  But I'm really curious.  I wonder how many Easy Angle rulers Bonnie has in her collection, and how often she needs to replace hers.  They must get so much use!  
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